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The existence of a nuclear-armed submarine flotilla, in other words, further strengthens Israeli deterrence, as it strips the Jewish state's enemies of even the illusion that they could launch a WMD strike against Israel without absorbing a devastating counterblow.
When the Americans struck, Sbokaku and Zuikaku would launch killing counterblows.
The focus is now on whether the ruling bloc can stage counterblows in the Shizuoka gubernatorial race and the Tokyo metropolitan assembly election in July.
In the second section, Sanyal explores 'the legacy of literary blows and counterblows in three French authors' (pp.
Second, terrorists have to ask themselves whether it is in their own best interest to cross the line between nuisance operations and attacks that threaten the vital interests of their enemies and will inevitably lead to massive counterblows.
When the Klan of the period 1868-72 or the unmasked paramilitary groups that emerged later in Reconstruction attempted to disrupt their meetings, blacks frequently fought back, striking counterblows or returning fire.
To my mind, there is no use in trying to unravel the blows and counterblows in order to discover who is the real culprit or who started what.
The Air Force believes that in the event of war in the missile era, air defense measures, coupled with strong air counterblows against the sources of the enemy's strength will provide the best security.
They scouted the Polish boy's style and Rogen waited in ambush to loose a barrage of counterblows.
If he rushed for a victory, he would have to face unexpected counterblows.
These counterblows would calm the border for a while; but, eventually, Egypt would resume the fighting, eliciting another round of Israeli counterstrokes.