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Charges and countercharges of corruption are swirling about the Bureau of Customs, like a gathering thunderstorm; the largest cloud involves the mystery of the P6.
The Soviet contention that Star Wars testing would violate the 1972 Anti-ballistic Missile Treaty was answered not with a reasoned discussion but with a countercharge that the Russians were sprinkling U.
The most ridiculous thing is, Lozada was the one found guilty in the countercharge filed by those he testified against.
Tolledo also dismissed Jaworski's countercharge of frustrated murder and planting of evidence against the police, for insufficiency of evidence.
We are ready to face any countercharge she will file.
Ryan Robert Jaworski filed a countercharge of frustrated murder against agents of the National Capital Region Police Office's (NCRPO) Regional Police Intelligence Operation Unit (RPIOU).
James Bunda, a former finance officer at the Biliran police office, filed the countercharge of robbery-extortion after Manrique and another policeman had accused him of filching from their salaries more than 20 years ago.
It is a sordid tale of expulsions, charges and countercharges, and persecution of a number of sincere militants who disagreed with the organisation's direction under Federica Montseny and Germinal Esgleas.
His five-year, $50 million deal to put Current TV on the map flames out spectacularly--a year into the pact --amid charges and countercharges, with the network citing Olbermann's frequent absences, and the host calling the operation a "logistical nightmare.
One of the signature awards of the science fiction/fantasy community, the Hugos, has been ensnared in a fierce debate over the genre's future, with charges of political correctness and elitism and countercharges of bigotry and dishonesty.
CHARGES and countercharges marked the political blame game in Uttar Pradesh for the second consecutive day on Sunday over the Saharanpur communal clash that claimed three lives.
He charts Kennedy's presidential campaign and time in office up to his assassination, then offers new perspectives on the mysteries surrounding the assassination and takes a balanced look at the charges and countercharges.