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These waivers, however, prevented UL installers from issuing a UL certificate and thus from including the installation in the UL Field Countercheck Program -a catch22.
I challenge you to take a bold move to put in place policies to countercheck the above mentioned,' Sonko said.
Other spot reports can be accessed by the media if they want to countercheck the press releases as long as proper requests are made.
For those who still transact with the old peso bills, Macam said they have to countercheck the bill to see if it's real or not.
It is interesting to state that elderly population visiting dental college is a reflection and a tool to countercheck this positive attitude.
But with the credit report, if a repeat borrower gives incomplete information, at least the bank can countercheck the claim," Almazar said.
I did a countercheck on him (Tinio) and it looks like he's clean.
Hence, there is no way to evaluate or audit or countercheck the revenues derived therefrom.
In contrast, in the very same press statement, Colmenares publicizes what amounts to a conspiracy theory: "We also know that China's actions have only escalated when the US announced its pivot to the Asia Pacific to countercheck China's growth and reassert its dominance in the region.
It said the board could not countercheck whether requests for implementing preventive and maintenance road projects were for priority roads or whether there was overlapping or duplication of projects.
Despite its assurances of readiness for the 2013 midterm polls, the Commission on Elections should still conduct a parallel manual count to serve as a backup should the counting machines fail, and to serve as a countercheck to the results," said Bayan Muna Rep.
Our intent in requiring them to provide the list is to countercheck it with our lists.