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Embajador did not provide the actual cost of damage of El Nino in the region, saying they were still counterchecking the reports submitted by the local governments.
We are counterchecking the income that they receive,' he said.
First is knowing falsity - running the list despite knowing it is 'utterly false.' Second is reckless disregard for the truth - by not 'counterchecking' what is to be published.
I wish there was an easier way, but you have to examine each and every document, counterchecking it with other claims and other references available,' Sarmiento said.
The processing time could be shortened if the hospital would provide the MMDA with a list of doctors for easy counterchecking, he added.
27, the President publicly apologized and admitted negligence in counterchecking his reports.
Only a rigid process of shifting and checking, counterchecking and piecing and weaving together, can ever move us finally to the objective truth.