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49) As part of a renewed focus within reputable publications to bolster credibility through self-critical transparency, leading journals require researchers to discuss counterevidence and other possible interpretations of their findings, rather than simply presenting one's personal view as a priori correct.
Below are the provided supporting evidence and counterevidence of Japan, China, and Taiwan regarding the above conflicting points, our critical analysis of the conflicting points and evidence, and our conclusion of the US role in the dispute.
Moreover, frequently it is only the new theory which dramatically predicts that fact which will function as crucial counterevidence against its predecessor, while the "old" anomalies may well stay on as "new" anomalies.
While most studies confirm the existence of the Kuznets curve, counterevidence also exists.
Yet another danger is a tendency to overlook, or downplay, significant counterevidence.
The nature of presumption--absolute or relative--is essential for this kind of regulations, because an absolute presumption cannot be rebut by producing counterevidence while an relative presumption can be rebut by proving evidence that there is no connection between GM food consumption and existing damages.
On the other hand, counterevidence also exists and argues that: "There is a growing agreement that excessive build-up of short-term debt was a proximate cause of the recent crises.
and (3) that the buzz we get from feeling right can lead to all sorts of gambling behaviors and over-investments of belief on thin evidence, so long as the likelihood of being shown to be wrong by evidence that cannot be ignored is low (which it usually is, given our ability to ignore counterevidence once we have obtained the feeling of rightness, in order to avoid the feeling of wrongness).
citizens enjoy unparalleled access to the documents and analyses of public authorities, opportunities to express contrary views and present counterevidence, and the right to take agencies to court if they fail to act in accordance with science and reason.
In this flurry of evidence and counterevidence of the aggregate effect of the Navigation Acts, we may have missed an admittedly trivial but far more enduring impact of British mercantilism-one that continues to shape the table manners of millions of Americans at every meal of every day: the distinctively American custom of switching the fork from the left to the right hand after" cutting meat.
Just recently, the FDA yanked from the market a supplement product based on just a couple of alleged adverse event reports without even allowing the company (an old and respected firm) to provide any counterevidence or counterargument.
31) Given the mission and reputation of these and other recipients, their federal funding provides counterevidence to charges of biased competition and co-optation.