counterfeit copy

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The new programme, based on the slogan "Verify before you buy," enables consumers to check if the phone they want to buy is genuine or a counterfeit copy.
In September, a counterfeit copy of Apple's Xcode software development tool was offered on a local file-sharing site, leading to infections on iPhone apps created with the fake tool.
Yu found a counterfeit copy of his novel Brothers at a stand outside his apartment.
Following Friday prayers at a mosque in Malaz, the worshippers thronged to see a young Chinese man selling a counterfeit copy of a popular smart phone for SR 300.
Internet Explorer 8 (IE8), which Microsoft has billed as its most secure browser to date, can be downloaded and installed on a counterfeit copy of Windows, for example.
Another new method adopted by night markets involves counterfeiters selling clothes with labels similar enough to be compared with an original, but different enough to not be a counterfeit copy.
This allows the crooks to make a counterfeit copy of the card.
The estimated loss to the film industry of one counterfeit copy was said to be more than pounds 11,000.
Computer hackers may attempt to create a counterfeit copy of your bank's website.
Fraudsters need only to see the details of your card to make a counterfeit copy and pass it on for use here or on the other side of the world.
An American Wedding DVD, costing pounds 5, was found to be a counterfeit copy.
A Sunday Mail investigator visited Reid at his PC CD Roms store and bought a counterfeit copy of Microsoft Office XP Professional 2001.