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All counterfeiting is theft, but counterfeiting something that we eat is an especially horrific crime.
Among the underlying factors that have led to an increase in counterfeiting issues are the complexities accelerated by global supply chains and e-commerce that counterfeiters inconspicuously exploit for their own gains.
If you have any knowledge of counterfeiting activities, I urge you to get in touch with Consumer Direct on 08454 040506 to report it.
Although consumers should not use color to check the authenticity of their currency (relying instead on user-friendly security features), color does add complexity to the note, making counterfeiting more difficult.
Companies that buy products using a low-bid process are particularly susceptible to counterfeiting.
Counterfeiting is ubiquitous in early modern comedy, and especially city comedy, both in its economic form and in its social form -- impersonation or deception.
has taken advantage of the easy dollars to be made by counterfeiting and become a primary player in the market.
These organizations also take advantage of contacts within the various credit bureaus to obtain legitimate bank card account information for counterfeiting or telephone order purchasing.
The potential of desktop counterfeiting has guided the design, materials, and production decisions of the next generation of U.
Counterfeiting has flourished because multinational marketing has created high worldwide demand for well-known brands.