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A retrospective review was conducted on a total of 173 counterfoils of MCCD issued for patients between the period January 2010 and January 2011.
As soon as the corresponding judgments have been deposited in the counterfoil of paired comparisons, the problem diminishes to the calculation of values and vectors those that represent the priorities and the index of consistency of the process respectively in general has to solve the equation: : A * w = [[lambda].
The system works like this: One is handed a ballot paper and the counterfoil bears the same serial number.
He contacted the school and officials told him that they are hopeful he will still be able to claim the prize, as his name and phone number was on the counterfoil, which the school still has.
I was told verbally by some manager on the end of a phone in Isle of Man that unless I could categorically prove by production of the counterfoil that I had sent the money, then it would be my financial loss, despite the fact that the bank had acknowledged receipt of the money in the monthly statement.
For a counterfoil to Bowling's attempt at explicating the mystery of dinosaur country one might reread Robert Kroetsch's 1975 novel, Badlands, which covers the same territory, but more succinctly.
He found a series of cheque counterfoil stubs signed by Roxby made out to the names of non-existent customers, the cheques made out to cash.
This was sent in a secondclass postage-paid envelope (19p), enclosing the tax demand, payment counterfoil and a first-class, reply-paid envelope (28p).
The lemon juice added a tart counterfoil, but not quite as tart as I'd imagined.
Her conversion to Judaism late in her life is an inspiring story and acts as a counterfoil for the implications of Dominus Iesus.
Some of the data about a religious revival in former Communist lands would serve as counterfoil to his thesis.
In this, Cassirer poses a refreshing counterfoil to Heidegger and Wittgenstein.