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COUNTERMAND. This word signifies a. change or recall of orders previously given.
     2. It may be express or implied. Express, when contrary orders are given and a revocation. of the former order is made. Implied, when a new order is given which is inconsistent with the former order: as, if a man should order a merchant to ship him in a particular vessel certain goods which belonged to him, and then, before the goods were shipped, he directed him to ship them in another vessel; this would be a countermand of the first order.
     3. While the first command is unrecalled, the person who gave it would be liable to all the consequences in case he should be obeyed; but if, for example, a man should command another to commit a crime and, before its perpetration, he should repent and countermand it, he would not be liable for the consequences if the crime should afterwards be committed.
     4. When a command or order has been given, and property delivered, by which a right vests in a third person, the party giving the order cannot countermand it; for example, if a debtor should deliver to A a sum of money to be paid to B, his creditor, B has a vested right in the money, and unless he abandon that right, and refuse to take the money, the debtor cannot recover it from A. 1 Roll. Ab. 32, pl. 13; Yelv. 164 Sty. 296. See 3 Co. 26 b.; 2 Vent. 298 10 Mod. 432; Vin. Ab. Countermand, A 1; Vin. Ab. Bailment, D; 9 East, 49; Roll. Ab. 606; Bac. Ab. Bailment, D; Com. Dig. Attorney, B 9, c. 8; Dane's Ab. h.t.; and Command.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Haig was pitiless, he even countermanded a recommendation for mercy accompanying the death sentence passed on a 17-year-old.
In the beef case, the Supreme Court countermanded lower courts' rulings that had favored cattle ranchers who objected to the generic message of the "Beef: It's What's for Dinner" campaign because it promoted sales of all beef rather than only their U.S.-produced or specialty beef.
As the Herald was a strong supporter of Lincoln, the President countermanded the sentence on the condition that Sherman's superior, U.
It is believed that the trainee may have told the wrong aircraft to descend, an order later countermanded by the supervisor.
Tom Heron, a pilot of the British LR5 submersible which went to help the stricken sub, said: "Plans were altered and countermanded the entire time we were there."
"This was countermanded and then they were again ordered to remove the bodies.
If the fetal head was visible or there were signs of a shortened second stage, the pushing advice was countermanded.
When Watergate came, Haldeman, Ehrlichman, and their compatriots were loyal soldiers to the end, willing to break the law for the president they served, even through such actions directly countermanded the public interest.
Just as American leaders with popular support countermanded the unjust imprisonment of Japanese American citizens and the theft of their property during World War II in the name of patriotism, the preposterous rationale for the persecution of the Jews in Europe over centuries was nominally religious.
He is sent to join a guerrilla band whose mission is to blow up a bridge, and the narrative recounts his experiences during the three days, in the course of which he comes to doubt the enterprise, falls passionately in love with Maria, a girl who has been tragically wronged by the Falangists, seeks to have the order to blow the bridge countermanded, and finally carries it out but is fatally wounded as he does so.
Cyrus, upon inquiry, learned the story of the interview, and countermanded the death sentence.
Summary: Bhubaneswar (Odisha) [India], Apr 25 (ANI): The Election Commission has announced that Patkura assembly elections, which was scheduled to be held on April 29 but was countermanded following the death of BJD candidate Bed Prakash Agarwal will now be held on May 19.