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The case studies are grouped by both State and countermeasure group, so users can focus either on a particular issue or find what communities in their area have done.
The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) leads federal efforts to develop and acquire countermeasures, primarily through the Public Health Emergency Medical Countermeasures Enterprise (PHEMCE), an interagency body.
These include whether to continue diverting Project BioShield acquisition funding to other purposes; whether to change the countermeasure development and acquisition process; how to replace stockpiled countermeasures as they expire; and whether to alter federal efforts to encourage the development of broad-spectrum countermeasures.
Chemring Countermeasures saw a substantial increase in demand from the Ministry of Defence to support peacekeeping operations in Afghanistan.
Bioshield II drastically increases the length of the patent term for new countermeasures.
The physical protection of a facility from terrorist attack requires the integration of each professional's approach to countermeasure development.
The study took place in two phases: (1) problem identification and countermeasure selection and (2) countermeasure implementation and evaluation.
changes to the countermeasure research, development, and acquisition
They can be used for devices with terrestrial digital television broadcast tuners as well as a wide range of other noise countermeasure applications in the 470 MHz to 2 GHz range.
Additional reliability and repair improvements resulted in less down time of the countermeasure system protected aircraft and an estimated $1.
Desert heat and the extreme heat generated by the countermeasure set itself will bake on grit, sand and dirt that's hard to remove.