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38) In Naval exercises at Singapore in 1888 the difficulty of rigging a single launch and laying one line of countermines at night was noted, and a naval officer injured.
38} If South Channel Fort could not be silenced by gunfire or taken by assault, or if an attempt by ships' boats to grapple for and destroy mine cables was unsuccessful, then after dark the countermine launches would attempt to blast a buoyed channel through the minefield by laying and exploding charges.
We wanted to learn if these techniques could be taught in a practical amount of time to improve the detection capabilities of our soldiers so they could apply them to countermine missions.
Unlike other areas of warfare, military countermine operations have not benefited significantly from advances in technology during the past several decades.
For countermine operations, the Army currently relies on the so-called Interim Vehicle-Mounted Mine Detector (IVMMD), which was developed in South Africa.