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Yesterday's countermotion included a commitment for ministers to waive their own pay increases.
It provides the countermotion to the downward glance of Adam and Eve and the general lines of the fresco they occupy
It will put forward a countermotion rejecting claims it has mishandled the state's finances.
Transport Minister Noel Dempsey put down a countermotion expressing "disappointment" in the decision which scraped through by 68 to 67.
Civil Unpublished   Domestic Relations Child Custody; Procedure Appellant-mother challenged two District Court orders, arguing that the District Court erred when it (1) decided respondent-fathers countermotions because they were not properly before the court, (2) dismissed as untimely her challenge to a decision made by the parties parenting consultant, (3) deemed her motion for amended findings to be a motion to reconsider, and (4) limited her ability to present evidence and arguments at a motion hearing.
ON has also undertaken to exercise its voting rights and the right to submit countermotions in such a way that a dividend of EUR0.
To fast-track the snail-paced trial, lawyer Roque, representative of the families of the slain journalists, asked the Supreme Court to assign another tribunal to hear the numerous petitions, motions, and countermotions filed by prosecution and defence lawyers; Quezon City Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes to allow 30 major witnesses to testify soon; and the National Police Commission to rule with finality on the administrative cases filed against policemen who were accused in the massacre.
The number of motions, countermotions, exhibits and affidavits filed over the field are too numerous to mention, along with various complaints that each side is being harassed and intimidated by the other.
Over time, protocol uniformity or de facto EDD standards should emerge that diminish delaying tactics, which too often manifest as motions to compel and countermotions to resist production of EDD--as evident in the Zubulake litigation [Zubulake v.
After angry bursts of rhetoric and a flurry of motions and countermotions that began in late April, both sides have been relatively quiet as they await the July 18 hearing before Judge Canova, on Hearst's contention that the Times cannot trigger the loss notice because any losses were caused by extraordinary events like the 49-day strike during the 2000 Christmas shopping season and the dot-com collapse that sent Seattle's economy into a deep recession.