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A separate group filed a countermotion supporting the referendum's legality.
An opposition motion in Holyrood condemning the abuse was simply met by a countermotion, continuing a tit-for-tat war of words.
Yet the gesture of turning implies a motion and a countermotion, a motion and a change in direction.
It will put forward a countermotion rejecting claims it has mishandled the state's finances.
Nunez said he is considering a countermotion to expel Madrazo from the PRI.
Transport Minister Noel Dempsey put down a countermotion expressing "disappointment" in the decision which scraped through by 68 to 67.
Ordinary and preference shareholders approved the conversion based on the pre-announced countermotion by Citadel Equity Fund Ltd.
76% of Fresenius Medical Care's ordinary shares and has decided to vote in favor of a countermotion that was submitted on August 12, 2005 by Citadel Equity Fund Ltd.
To fast-track the snail-paced trial, lawyer Roque, representative of the families of the slain journalists, asked the Supreme Court to assign another tribunal to hear the numerous petitions, motions, and countermotions filed by prosecution and defence lawyers; Quezon City Judge Jocelyn Solis-Reyes to allow 30 major witnesses to testify soon; and the National Police Commission to rule with finality on the administrative cases filed against policemen who were accused in the massacre.
The number of motions, countermotions, exhibits and affidavits filed over the field are too numerous to mention, along with various complaints that each side is being harassed and intimidated by the other.
Continental's refusal to translate the countermotions is a clear attempt to cover up management mistakes and shut critical shareholders out of the process," said Markus Dufner, Managing Director of the Association of Critical Shareholders in Germany.