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In Figure 14, two gray arrows indicate the "cocking of the hip." In Figure 15, two arrows at the waist and lower body illustrate the pendulum action, "move and countermove," with the line indicating how energy is stored in the body.
KARACHI, April 03, 2011 (Balochistan Times): In a countermove to resist the decisions of judiciary, the PPP leadership has formulated a strategy of which the strike in Sindh against the courts verdict over Justice Deedar Hussain Shah and revisiting of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto case are major steps in this regard.
In a welcome countermove to a trend among some Russian and Western Dostoevsky scholars to close off Dostoevsky's novels with finalizing, frequently theological readings, Miller instead draws attention to how Dostoevsky, "through the transforming rhetoric of specific characters, could revitalize and reinvent (and even subvert) the traditional Orthodox heritage and render it immediate, modern, and startling" (xv).
Showing each move and countermove as the months, weeks, and hours count down to Election Day makes the film feel like a thriller, even though we all know the outcome.
The Bush Justice Department's countermove generated further news coverage--again rather modest, given the allegation that AT&T had illegally funneled millions of private communications to the NSA.
But Doug Bowers, senior director of anti-abuse engineering firm Symantec, said: "It is always a cat-and-mouse game, and we fully expect there will be a countermove."
(78) If A chose a strategy other than the maximin, he would be unprotected against a countermove by B.
In many arrangements such as the Shanghai process, Russia and China club together, which worries the USA: the USA-India nuclear agreement is for instance a countermove to the Shanghai process.
In a daring countermove to give back to Johns's work its taciturn eloquence, this installation purposely sets out to investigate four recurring motifs: the target; the "device" (a slat used for scraping paint); colors and their names; and the "cast" or imprint of the artist's body.
In a countermove, CAFTA proponents were able, with the surprising cooperation of Echandi, to garner 38 votes on a motion to amend Article 41 of the Reglamento del Congreso that prevents the body from fixing a time limit for voting on international treaties.
The times in which a campaign is waged--recall "it's the economy stupid" in 1992--can drive a race with such great velocity that no brilliant countermove, such as trying to talk about Clinton's character, can change where voters are headed.
The programme is completed by Groove and Countermove, a trilogy.