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The SJ the volleyball player starting from a position with the knee at 90 because the jump performed without the countermovement and do not have the participation of the arms.
Markovic S, Mirkov DM, Nedeljkovic A, Jaric S, 2014, Body size and countermovement depth confound relationship between muscle power output and jumping performance.
Countermovement jumps performed with forceful upward arm swing resulted in a higher moment of inertia (16).
According to research into movement-countermovement interaction, "movements of any visibility and impact create the conditions for the mobilization of countermovements.
Lower-body NMF was measured using a countermovement jump (CMJ), while upper-body NMF was measured using a plyometric push-up.
Following the familiarization session, participants completed a countermovement jump protocol, a 1 repetition maximum (1RM) squat protocol and a 1RM bench press protocol in the same visit.
There was actually this countermovement of people who were like, "We're not hurting anybody
Keywords: EU Emissions Trading Scheme, Karl Polanyi, climate change, countermovement
the eccentric utilization ratio (EUR; the ratio between countermovement jump and SJ performance) and the dynamic strength deficit ratio (DSD; the ratio between isometric mid-thigh pull and SJ performance) [6,7].
A strong countermovement can therefore be expected in August, and as a result the German economy is still expected to show only weak growth in the third quarter,'' Solveen said.