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The loyalist counteroffensive came after the failure of a UN-declared truce that was supposed to have taken effect last weekend to allow the delivery of desperately needed relief supplies.
Speaking to the press, Al-Sawarmi said that SAf have started its counteroffensive in the outskirts of Heglig town stressing that they will cleanse it within hours of the Sudan People's Liberation Army (SPLA).
This second volume in David Glantz's Stalingrad trilogy is primarily concerned with the fighting between Axis and Soviet forces for the city of Stalingrad from the arrival of Axis forces in strength at the city up to the start of the Soviet counteroffensive that led to the encirclement of the German Sixth Army and elements of the Fourth Panzer Army.
Fortunately, the profession has the wherewithal to mount a counteroffensive that should make the budget cutters sit up and take notice.
Market insiders noted that Google has become a major provider of ammunition for HTC in the latters battle of patent rights with Apple, in a counteroffensive against Apple, in order to force the latter to drop its patent charges targeting members of the Android camp.
It was our first counteroffensive (Torch in North Africa came on 8 November), despite the Allied agreement on Europe first.
The Tet counteroffensive, the Battle of Tam Ky, and Operation Daring Endeavor, are some of the engagements discussed.
A second volume of memoirs, The Final Strategic Counteroffensive, is said to be in progress.
Amid Israel's counteroffensive in Gaza to stop rocket attacks against its civilian population, an Iranian children's TV show taught toddlers to embrace "martyrdom" and hate their Jewish "enemies.
Luttwak contends, however, that the perspective of time will demonstrate that the Iraq War is a costly sideshow in Bush's otherwise successful "global counteroffensive against Islamic militancy," just as history demonstrated that the Korean War was a costly sideshow in Truman's otherwise successful global policy of containment.
In "effects-Based Information Battle in the Muslim World" (Spring 2008), Remy Mauduit's call for a counteroffensive to terrorist rhetoric is right on.
But his superior organization and limitless financial resources beat back Clinton's many furious attempts at a counteroffensive.