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In addition, however, in the detailed description of the ceremonies by which Pechon de Ruby was admitted into this counterorder, I see fascination with the elaboration of ceremonies and hardening of hierarchies that would shortly end up creating Versailles, along with glimpses of the survival of a more traditional taste for Carnival and disorder: Delaplace appeals several times to the memory of Bakhtin.
From the Partido de Conciliacion Nacional (PNC) came the statement, "Washington fomented militarism and now brings a counterorder.
The war of words may be fine -- we are now used to that -- but what's worse are the orders and counterorders between the duo, creating confusion among government officials and the medical community.
London's orders and counterorders recall the ditty about the Duke of York; who had 10,000 thousand men; he marched them up the hill; and then back down again.
One of the keys to Israeli success lay in Amer's indecisiveness on the eve of battle, issuing counterorders and completely ignoring battle plans drawn up by the general chiefs of staff.
He did at last publish Poemes in 1912 after working hard to foil the project, with the usual second thoughts and eccentric orders and counterorders.