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Meany and Schuster's discussion on parliamentary debate, both American and British forms, ranges from the role of each speaking position to the use of critiques and counterplans as an opposition strategy.
Although Bayar had hoped to produce a counterplan to the one framed by radical etatists in Turkey, the survey's conclusions, which argued for concentration on agricultural production, and the postponement of extensive industrialization, did not provide him with a politically acceptable alternative to the project of the radical etatists.
Department of Fish and Wildlife has submitted a counterplan that suggests the land be set aside, the bulk never to be reclaimed.
These thinkers have a strong sense of opposites or polarities; because they look for the counterplan to every plan, synthesists often tie disparate ideas into new, creative combinations.
The Ecoforum, a coalition of Goan environmental groups, has drawn up a counterplan for the site demonstrating that the same area could accommodate 500 small industries employing up to 4,500 people in such small-scale enterprises as fruit and vegetable processing and the production of local crafts, for far less investment by the state than the cost of the Du Pont plant.
There are three points for considering the counterplan of the mold.
The opposition party said it would present a counterplan by that day.