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If there is a counterplot in Castle, it tends toward retribution, not redemption.
Hope Mirrlees (1887-1978) was perhaps working on The Counterplot, a novel she published in 1924.
The launch is a counterplot aimed at Sony Computer Entertainment Inc., which entered the Nintendo-dominated portable game machine market at the end of last year.
Extending this line of reasoning, since Pam's actions were undertaken in response to an act of betrayal, her project of reconstruction can be regarded as her attempt to create a counterplot. Her behavior likens her to the jealous writer described by Julia Kristeva as someone "who can imagine a story, or stories, of which he knows he is the primary transmitter.
The identification and personification of an externalized counterplot, "Mrs.
Unlike Bond she has to live with the fall out of her various dilemmas, and the intrigue and betrayal among her 'normal' friends (such as Francie's cheating boyfriend, or the hints of romance with Will) mirrors the plot and counterplot of the various shadowy cabals that she works for.
He also develops a present-day counterplot, which sees the adult Vikram living in a snowy town in rural Ontario.
She tells of moments of plot and counterplot in a drama unfolding: of 1976 when Bob Brown and a colleague, canoeing down the Franklin, come round a bend in the river to find that work has already begun secretly on the dam project; of the end of 1981 betrayal of popular opinion by the Tasmanian government; of blockade plans being laid in secret.
My colleague the director, in his effort to make Christopher Marlowe's sixteenth-century tragedy more accessible to twenty-first-century students and lay audiences, had interspersed (at some cost to the original burlesque counterplot) excerpts from hellfire sermons of the eighteenth-century theologian and preacher Jonathan Edwards.
The shadow counterplot, "acausal and nonlinear," raises troubling doubts about the defendant's innocence and, indeed, the validity of "representational order" (126).
In the first case, where acts of conquest are taken in situations containing the elements and potential of resistance and counterplot, Machiavelli's politics fill the scene with soldiers.
Castle, 'Sylvia Townsend Warner and the Counterplot of Lesbian Fiction', Textual Practice, 4/2 (Summer 1990), 223.