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Thus, literary criticism which draws on the optimism inherent in the lesbian counterplot resembles Nina Baym's description of feminist literary theory as "a visionary attempt to describe women's writing as a reconstructed future, an attempt in which description often merge[s] with exhortation" (45).
In All's Well, Clark considers the rhetorical use of aphorism as a means of generating plots and counterplots to produce a surprise ending conventional for the genre of problem plays.
He excels in practical operations but is perplexed by the theoretical curriculum: "Political history and thought, a crosshatch of plots and counterplots, irredentist imperialism, Pan-Slavism, the sayings of Lenin, the revelations of Marx.
Some people, particularly ambitious ones, see plots and counterplots where none exists.
He seeks to encapsulate some 65 years of Roman history during which the Republic buckled and ultimately collapsed under the weight of economic crises, plots and counterplots, civil wars, and successive generations of military men who held the republican form of government in minimum high regard.
1987) "`Pulling through'--conspiracies, counterplots, and how the SSRC escaped the axe in 1982" in M.
Her book begins in Chapter 1, "Indigenous Counterplots to Globalization Processes," by placing her subject of indigenous social movements in their broader global context.
And you would think that a brewing showdown between Holmes and his nemesis, Moriarty (Jared Harris), would involve intrigue, suspense and devilish plots and counterplots.
It is only after some five hundred pages of plots, subplots, and counterplots that readers fully discover that this conflict, as well as Franzen's novel, is a confidence trick.
With its plots and counterplots, secret identities and tradecraft taken straight from the Soviet playbook of the day, Liberation Movements is .
Except the hubby seems to have an inkling of what's going on and counterplots accordingly.
Plots, counterplots, chases, cold-blooded murders, and complications of all kinds ensue.