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She tells of moments of plot and counterplot in a drama unfolding: of 1976 when Bob Brown and a colleague, canoeing down the Franklin, come round a bend in the river to find that work has already begun secretly on the dam project; of the end of 1981 betrayal of popular opinion by the Tasmanian government; of blockade plans being laid in secret.
The shadow counterplot, "acausal and nonlinear," raises troubling doubts about the defendant's innocence and, indeed, the validity of "representational order" (126).
In the first case, where acts of conquest are taken in situations containing the elements and potential of resistance and counterplot, Machiavelli's politics fill the scene with soldiers.
Castle, 'Sylvia Townsend Warner and the Counterplot of Lesbian Fiction', Textual Practice, 4/2 (Summer 1990), 223.
Framing the Golem tale is a theatrical counterplot set in 1899: The Mogolesku Troupe, a Yiddish theatre company that is performing the Golem play in Vilna (now a Lithuanian city), faces the problem of a government censor showing up on opening night.
Blancanina and her one-hundred maidens may represent, as Ordonez maintains, the successful interpolation of a different text, of the feminine counterplot that El Caballero de Morado failed to substitute for the authorized masculine plot of physical violence, but the joyful band of grail maidens does not supplant Arthur's knight.
The former, with its coarse, farcical counterplot, was considered one of the cleverest comedies of its time.
In the other she analyzes what she calls "the counterplot of lesbian fiction" in twentieth-century literature, focusing on Sylvia Townsend-Warner's 1936 novel Summer Will Show, and arguing that lesbian desire is represented only in the absence of the male homosocial narrative Eve Sedgwick has proposed as fundamental to canonical literature.
Indeed the repeated stories of Alexander and Tarquin in effect form a moralist counterplot to Elyot's profession of unambiguous monarchy Tarquin is brought in to illustrate the decline from Roman kingdom to Roman republic.
The strategems by which Barabas implements his "meanings" cannot finally frame his means of traffic from the vulgar trade, but are repeatedly subject to counterplot and the chances of a potentially ungovernable spirit of revenge.
She contrives a counterplot to inform Lady Wishfort of Mirabell's plan and to thus make her so angry that she will give all of Millamant's money to Mrs.
3) The ugly plot functions as a counterplot that undoes traditional love plots driven by compulsory heterosexuality, enabling characters with material advantages to choose a resistant, rebellious, and alternative existence outside of normative southern gender roles and marriage economies.