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Expressed in two parts of one body in counterpoise, the building frames a new downtown public plaza below the view of Pike's Peak, and extends a new axis to the America the Beautiful Park West," explained Elizabeth Diller, Partner at Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Design Architect for the Museum.
are placed in counterpoise with the gospel accounts of Jesus' resurrection.
PC: One of the aspects that fascinates me in your book The Economy of the Unlost, where you counterpoise Paul Celan and Simonides of Keos, is your approach to my two mother tongues, German and Greek, taking their words and reaching down into their layers of meaning.
The introduction consists of a 2005 Counterpoise interview.
The visual tension and counterpoise of these simple forms, reminiscent of food and kitchen utensils, generate a precarious kinetic energy as cracked shells and rolling forms teeter towards the edges of slab constructions.
The remark provokes chuckles form the audience but it also provides a light-handed counterpoise to the pervasive weight of nostalgia in works like "Embers.
An important counterpoise to Mavis in the film is Matt Freehauf (Oswalt), a student non-entity whom Mavis remembers only vaguely as 'The hatecrime guy'.
And without that synthesis of gloom and angst, we could never have had his "Aubade", a waking meditation on extinction that unstrenuously contrives a tense, brilliant counterpoise between the stoic philosophies of Lucretius and David Hume, and his own frank terror of oblivion.
Whereas the exigencies of globalization demand a united and cohesive response from Africa (exemplified by the reconstitution of the OAU into the AU) in order to counterpoise the threat of further marginalization, the paradox is that individual African nation-states have yet to overcome the contradictions of ethnic balkanization (p.
Lenin, who was once admired as a counterpoise to Stalin's paranoically criminal mind, has also been shown to have been ruthless, not just in commandeering production from kulaks, but also in ordering the deaths of opponents.
5 describes the use of a counterpoise or lightning protection system to provide a path of low resistance for the energy of a lightning strike to safely dissipate without causing damage to airfield equipment or injury to personnel.