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His story is a social account of what RAF fliers lived through during the war years counterpoised against the horrors of combat.
This white flower captures the duality of apricot counterpoised with supple leather.
The balance disappeared; the self was no longer counterpoised by the other.
Internal action is not visually interesting, and needs to be counterpoised with creative and dynamic staging.
Throughout the production, Maraden carefully counterpoised the power of male aggression with the power of domesticity centered in female strength and virtue.
But these two methods were counterpoised, dialectical in nature, rather than in conflict; it would have been impossible for one to exist without the other.
The fourth of the larger exhibits, Balancing Act by Anton Garcia-Abril & Ensamble Studio, is an intersection of two giant I-section concrete beams, the upper pivoting on the base, supported by a quivering spring at one end and counterpoised at the other by a large rock.
Edwards and Hughes critique four prominent narratives currently employed to explain the preventative turn [i]the administrative discourse that views community safety as a progressive reassertion of the association between crime control and social policy, [ii] the Foucauldian/Garland analysis of community safety as a neo-liberal political rationality in which state legitimising punitive displays are counterpoised with a new logic of responsiblisation, [iii] the post-structuralist view that community safety is neglecting the dynamism of crime causes and [iv] their own thesis of the necessity for those in power to enter into relations of power-dependence with those they must govern which imposes gaps between talk, policy decisions and action.
At one point as she interviewed him, Lewis opined that there was deception (lying by the investment world) but that too was not examined as Lewis himself counterpoised two explanations for the disaster, asking, "was it mass delusion or crime?
DARLING little sandwiches, their crusts neatly removed, nestle alongside scones, heavy with dollops of jam and cream, while cakes stuffed with fruits, nuts and chocolate are counterpoised perfectly with delicate, refreshing tea.
The Robles case-study is effectively counterpoised by Anne Rubenstein's chapter on the war on "Las Pelonas"--women with bobbed hair--in Mexico City in the summer of 1924.
The ultimately "uncontainable" (150) skepticism of Lear is counterpoised, in the final chapter, by the affirmations of faith found in second half of The Winter's Tale, and all the plays are said to be about the "search for certainty" in the face of a skeptical response to the world (171).