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To the idealism of philosophers such as Plato and Aristotle, Epicurus counterpoised the first humanistic version of materialism.
Native lustiness is counterpoised, with excruciating obviousness, to the couple's polite, white-linen love life.
The increase is counterpoised against two years of rate reductions by the nation's auto insurers - the first cuts since 1973.
In the lead roles on opening night, Maria Gimenez and Jesus Pastor made a splendid couple, counterpoised in attack and character, and both displayed technical prowess.
Where orature is shown to function as preserving an unequal status quo, as in Penina Mlama's discussion of state co-option of `traditional' forms in Tanzania, or Hubert Chimhundu's tracing of the inter-sexuality between the conservatism of traditional Shona songs and contemporary popular lyrics to enforce a submissive femininity, these instances are counterpoised with others which suggest more radical and subversive uses of orature.
In Hesse's novel this pattern is reflected in the male world of the Samanas and their collective goal of asceticism and transcendence; in Johnson's novel this pattern is reflected in the fraternity of the slave men of Leviathan and their shared nihilism or "absence of life-assurance," which is counterpoised against the spiritual powers of Reb and the resilience of Andrew Hawkins.
After asserting the affinity of the "English-speaking, Germans, Scandinavians, and French" and the confluence of those and "allied races" as the basic population in North America, Lodge counterpoised them to the rest of the world, which he divided among Southern and Eastern Europeans, "Mongol," "Negro," and "Hindoo."
Like his earlier films, the point is made through use of archive footage ironically counterpoised with scenes of America today, Moore's folksy but convincing narration and plenty of scenes of George W Bush looking stupid.
The book's relative reticence on domestic and theatrical matters is counterpoised by extensive quotation from numerous primary sources on Islam.
Materials and finishes -- epoxy resin floors, simple plastered walls, steel, precast concrete and waxed oak -- are austere, and colours muted: gun-metal grey and white counterpoised to the warmth of wood.
Each poem is counterpoised against the traditional songs of the Native American peoples who populate the reservations of western North America.