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But now I want to counterpose that vision with one last poem where the lover is brought back from the past and repossessed in memory.
There can be no such thing as an exclusive Negro economic program, for that would counterpose the interests of a little more than ten percent of the society to those of the overwhelming majority" He called, instead, for an economic program backed by an alliance of blacks and labor.
If we are to break out of the non-historical fixity of postmodernism, then we must search out and counterpose an alternative tradition taken from the neglected works left in the wide margin of the century .
Roediger then goes on to counterpose "Mumia time" to "Sweeney time" in an effort to emphasize the apparent naivety of organizing for social justice under union banners.
And yet some of your novels strike a counterpose, taking place in some long-ago South but full of details of the contemporary South.
To counterpose 'community' to either 'individual' or 'social capital' can only lead to deeper confusion.
We impose the nothingness and powerlessness of collective detention in Baxter, so that people can watch their loved ones go mad, and counterpose it to being a solitary detainee on Manus island starved of companionship.
36) Under these emerging conditions, however, to counterpose production and consumption seems increasingly inadequate.
To such hackneyed homiletics we must counterpose Kalaman's dry sardonicism: "Love .
The first "themed" installment of the mega-exhibition--and in that sense the real precursor to Documenta as we now know it--the show was a far-reaching attempt to counterpose "images--artistic and nonartistic.
While he notes in Chapter 2 that young workers saw themselves as part of the New Left, (44) for much of the book he counterposes "New Leftists," by which he means student activists, and workers.
Freud counterposes the German Heimlich--familiar, more or less--with the uncanny, the Unheimlich--but key to his argument is that the two terms, while opposites, also bleed into each other.