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Counterposing so-called "victims' rights" to the rights of the defendants in criminal trials will simply lead to unfair convictions.
So rather than counterposing separate "schools" of reform, we ought to be crafting an approach to drugs that operates on several levels at once.
Community solidarity, in turn, can be enhanced by counterposing the "local knowledge" of activists and community members, which is valued for its roots in lived experience, with the "expert knowledge" of outsiders, which is often supposedly used to justify exploitation.
Counterposing social model philosophy with that of conventional medical model treatment illuminates not only the principles driving social model, but also the programs' areas of emphasis, which may guide future analyses of their efficacy.
Rather than counterposing explanations which draw on interests, emotions and culture, I want to suggest some ways to understand how they are linked.
3]) and counterposing key features of the coercive Soviet legal system.
313-343), counterposing Cavell's own comments from In Quest of the Ordinary p.
By counterposing personal and public discourse in the novel, these critics could be said to have problematized the narrative's domestic perspective by suggesting that Walker's chosen treatment of the constricted viewpoint of an uneducated country woman - a woman who admits that she doesn't even know "where Africa at" - may also constrict the novel's ability to analyze issues of "race" and class.