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However, when one becomes a member of a gay community at some later point in time, one develops a counterposition (I as wanting to be accepted in my sexual preference) that is in support of one's sexual nature.
Such a position is well-equipped to function as a counterposition to the dominant coalition in which the perfectionist played the most influential role.
Yet, in a manner that can only be described as enviable, Cross strikes the proper balance between losing the salient elements of Scotus's doctrines in a welter of details bearing on historical background and failing to give enough historical and systematic context to render Scotus's nuanced objections and counterpositions intelligible.
Although Ram Swarup was a journalist, somewhat controversial, and neither a pandit nor an academician, he was a respected Hindu intellectual who evidently spoke for an important sector of Hindus, voicing accepted opinions on Hindu spiritual values and the deficiencies of Western counterpositions.
Mechanism is incoherent because its attempts to conceptualize the order of nature have the characteristic of Kantian antinomies: they constantly pass over into counterpositions.
Employing arguments akin to Hegel's analysis of the category of "Being" passing over into "Nothing," "one" into "many," and "Same" into "Other," Harris shows that the attempt to conceptualize Being as univocal leads to the noematic standpoint of atoms and the void, and eventually to the noetic counterpositions of sophism and skepticism.
Fair enough, since this was the state of the critique during Ellacuria's own lifetime, and defined to some extent the counterpositions against which he constructed his theology.
Even so-called counterpositions can teach us something, and the search is always to learn, to broaden one's horizon, to advance positions even while reversing counterpositions.
Hermeneutic Phenomenology's Postmodern Correction of Modern Counterpositions
In comparing Lonergan's explication with Gadamer's hermeneutical correction of modern counterpositions we get a different appreciation of Abby Warburg's famous saying: "The love of God lies in the details.