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The troika has already presented the government with its proposals, calling for pay cuts in the public sector, privatisations and pension reforms, which the government is opposes, prompting the counterproposals.
The SVP is yet to be convinced by the counterproposal, claiming that it lacks the teeth of their original popular initiative proposal.
And when Boroujerdi, the parliamentary committee chairman, called on October 26 for a plan to send Iran's LEU to Russia in several phases and to demand "necessary guarantees" against being tricked, he was describing what would become the Iranian counterproposal to ElBaradei's draft on October 29.
The Democratic Party of Japan has drafted the outline of a bill that constitutes the party's counterproposal to the government's bill for a new antiterrorism law to allow the Maritime Self-Defense Force to resume refueling activities in the Indian Ocean.
Management of Antares believes that Kina is presently reviewing a financing proposal, but as of this date has not made a decision as to whether or not to accept the same, or otherwise submit a counterproposal.
The Democratic Party of Japan has postponed the announcement of a counterproposal for the new government-sponsored antiterrorism law, despite the refueling mission having been suspended.
GLENDALE - Owners of the Glendale Galleria presented their counterproposal Tuesday for the proposed Town Center retail and housing complex, but included no cost estimates for its construction.
INDIANAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--June 4, 1996--Fruehauf Trailer Corporation (NYSE: FTC) today announced that it has received a counterproposal from its bondholders and is in active discussions with other affected parties.
The main opposition Democratic Party of Japan will not compile a counterproposal to the government-sponsored bill to continue Japan's refueling mission in the Indian Ocean unless the parliamentary session is considerably extended, a senior DPJ lawmaker said Saturday.
GLENDALE - Glendale Galleria officials presented City Council members with their counterproposal for the Town Center project - calling for less retail space, more housing and more emphasis on links to the shopping mall.
Their counterproposal was unacceptable because it would have put BRW into the same financial condition that caused it to be closed by Bethlehem Steel.
We would propose that to the FAA as a counterproposal to the deadline.