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In the absence of a counterproposal by the claimants, there was nothing for a conciliator to resolve, hence the need for a seven-day strike notice,' lawyer Titus Koceyo, representing the lecturers, said.
The troika has already presented the government with its proposals, calling for pay cuts in the public sector, privatisations and pension reforms, which the government is opposes, prompting the counterproposals.
Bruce accused management, and not the union, of engineering the strike through its refusal yesterday to make a counterproposal to the union's willingness to move from its position.
Under the terms of the counterproposal, the number of criminal deportations is still likely to increase; with around twice today's number of foreign criminals returned to their homelands.
And when Boroujerdi, the parliamentary committee chairman, called on October 26 for a plan to send Iran's LEU to Russia in several phases and to demand "necessary guarantees" against being tricked, he was describing what would become the Iranian counterproposal to ElBaradei's draft on October 29.
12, 2009 (CENS) -- The Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) has scaled down the list of early harvest for the cross-Taiwan Strait Economic Cooperation Framework Agreement (ECFA) to less than 700 items, in correspondence to the anticipated counterproposal of mainland China.
Scott Boras, the Newport Beach-based agent for Ramirez, released astatement after the game revealing his most recent counterproposal (twoyears, $43.
Face-to-face talks were resumed in January, when the Midwest Airlines management allegedly failed to offer a counterproposal.
The government's counterproposal - if the Uighurs cannot go somewhere else, they should stay at Guantanamo - is more absurd than its other arguments.
But Surraya claimed: "We have come up with a counterproposal which will upgrade the building completely and save the council a fortune.
Russia's counterproposal, made at the G8 from 7 to 8 June, to set up a US shield in Azerbaijan, was not greeted with enthusiasm.
Officials in Tehran have suggested that they would be sending a counterproposal and are apparently hoping to start negotiations without having to suspend uranium enrichment.