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One ad from the Russian-controlled Heart of Texas Facebook group announced a May 21, 2016, rally to "Stop Islamification of Texas," while another Russian-sponsored account announced a "Save Islamic Knowledge" counterprotest.
The most publicized counterprotest to Sheehan in Crawford was enacted by Gary Quails, a man who also lost a son in the Iraq War.
Brown quickly launched a Facebook page and organized a 7,000-person counterprotest that not only demonstrated Joplin's unity against Westboro but inspired donations of water, diapers, and toiletries.
He wanted to launch a counterprotest, but keep it positive and peaceful.
Loyalists are likely to mount a counterprotest and fears are growing that events could spiral out of control ending up in serious disturbances.
ANTI-FASCIST groups joined forces last night to counterprotest against a British National Party demonstration outside the filming of the BBC's Question Time in Liverpool.
If his little stunt is allowed to go ahead, it will only be at the cost of an expensive and dangerous policing operation, needed to contain the inevitable counterprotest - and the victims won't just be the good folk of Wooton Bassett.
The Jewish student organization is joining with other organizations around campus to counterprotest the Kansas-based antisemitic, anti-Catholic, and anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church, which is scheduled to picket outside Hillel House for 30 minutes.
The anti-Islamic Extremism group The English and Welsh Defence League is planning a demonstration in Birmingham City Centre on Saturday, September 5, and if it goes ahead anti-racists group Unite Against Fascism is expected to launch a counterprotest prompting fears of violence.
But the protest - and a pro - China counterprotest - largely passed off peacefully.
Here, we count the number of paragraphs that relate to a protest or counterprotest of the president.