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Byfield gives a refreshing counterpunch on such things as tax evasion, subjective history, capital punishment, coddling prisoners, taking competition out of boys' education, pacifism, euthanasia, the advantage of being a victim, Diana as heroine, censorship, permissiveness in education, alternative schools, universal equality, school standards, spanking children, pornography, abortion, "gay" pride, feminism, birth control, the churches and sex, the New Age movement, the CBC, canadianists, native self-rule, Central Canada vs.
Left-wing CounterPunch editors Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St.
PETERBOROUGH veteran striker Butler caught Torquay out with a classic counterpunch.
A clue: Silverstein is co-editor, with Alexander Cockburn, of Counterpunch, described as "an investigative newsletter about power and evil in Washington.
It was written, Hutson charges, "as a partisan counterpunch, aimed by Jefferson below the belt at enemies who were tormenting him more than a decade after the First Amendment was composed.
based magazine Counterpunch indicates that self-styled populist James Carville has acted as a paid adviser to Brazilian pro-corporate presidential candidate Fernendo Henrique Cardoso.
For an overview of how public intelligence can help, please read "Intelligence for the President--AND Everyone Else," as published in CounterPunch.
Related CounterPunch article on the ecological benefits of large wildfires: http://www.
In this parched desert of rational discussion, I somehow in 2002 or 2003 stumbled across a link to one of Alex's Counterpunch columns, which seemed to provide the sort of remarkably good sense almost totally absent from the pages of the major newspapers and opinion magazines.
3-second cushion over works Citroen team-mate Mikko Hirvonen, and after a day of punch and counterpunch over a further nine stages in Finland, the Frenchman's advantage is now five seconds.
The US assault is unpardonable," wrote Cloughley in CounterPunch, a bi-weekly American newsletter.
FISTS UP: Fergie must prepare United to counterpunch