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The Counterpunch, second in the trilogy, includes the manifesto-poem "The Diver," on the wiggling of creativity at the margins of the margins:
By the time the massive hoax of the Saddam's WMD had exploded into international ridicule and national disaster, Alex's Counterpunch and the Sulzbergers' Gray Lady had largely switched their positions of credibility in my mind, at least across a broad range of issues.
Zev Chafets, "Follow the Leader," The New York Times (February 15, 2005); Counterpunch, "Return of the Terrorist, The Crimes of Ariel Sharon," (February 7, 2001), www.
4): Several years ago, a writer from CounterPunch pointed out that the "McNeil-Lehrer Report" looked at both sides of an issue and ended up by shrugging their shoulders and suggesting that the issue was just too complicated for mere citizens to understand and we needed the experts to understand it for us.
Hitler/Bush comparisons began their current vogue after an article by Dave Lindorff appeared last February on CounterPunch.
This article has also appeared in CounterPunch on July 10, 2002, and the California Daily Journal on July 5, 2002.
Clair, of a muckraking newsletter called Counterpunch.
It's possible that in bipolar disorder, manic episodes serve as a psychological defense or counterpunch against a relentless propensity for sinking into depression, Reilly-Harrington and her colleagues propose.
Byfield gives a refreshing counterpunch on such things as tax evasion, subjective history, capital punishment, coddling prisoners, taking competition out of boys' education, pacifism, euthanasia, the advantage of being a victim, Diana as heroine, censorship, permissiveness in education, alternative schools, universal equality, school standards, spanking children, pornography, abortion, "gay" pride, feminism, birth control, the churches and sex, the New Age movement, the CBC, canadianists, native self-rule, Central Canada vs.
Left-wing CounterPunch editors Alexander Cockburn and Jeffrey St.
PETERBOROUGH veteran striker Butler caught Torquay out with a classic counterpunch.