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The inscription of one's name at the end of a writing, done by a secretary or a subordinate, to attest to the fact that such a writing has been signed by a principal or a superior, thereby vouching for the genuineness of the signature. To write one's name at the end of a document—in addition to the inscription of a name by another—to attest to the authenticity of the signature.

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to sign (a document already signed by another).
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COUNTERSIGN. To countersign is to sign on the opposite side of an instrument already signed by some other person or officer, in order to secure its character of a genuine paper; as a bank note is signed by the president and countersigned by the cashier.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The "yes" signifies my singularity--the countersignature I must offer in interpreting the text.
What I am really arguing, then, is for an extension of the use of the signature in discussions of anonymity (which is already apparent within Marcy North's work) into the area of the countersignature, thinking of reading itself as a form of countersignature.
For Catholics, a document issued by the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith with the pope's countersignature, for instance, is far more authoritative than, for example, a reference to the United Nation's Convention of the Rights of the Child, even if the latter has been ratified by the Holy See (which itself is simply a sovereign entity recognized under international law but that possesses no magisterial authority of its own).
Thereafter, the form would either be passed to a more senior business manager for countersignature, or forwarded directly to the finance department for payment.
19 insurance policies had a countersignature signed in New Jersey.
District court in March struck down Puerto Rico's statute that prohibits nonresident insurance brokers from doing business on the Island without the countersignature of a resident agent.
This is the origin of the immense theme that runs through his work, behind the words signature, countersignature, breast [sein], seing (contract signed but not countersigned), saint--cutting, stitching--indecisions ...
Premium shown is payable at inception: $ Audit Period (If Applicable): [] Annually [] Semi-Annually [] Quarterly [] Monthly Endorsements Attached To This Policy: IL 00 17--Common Policy Conditions (IL 01 46 in Washington) IL 00 21--Broad Form Nuclear Exclusion (Not applicable in New York) Countersignature Of Authorized Representative Name: Title: Signature: Date: Note
What Thwaites describes as present in all Joyce's work--'the word as debt, promise and countersignature' (p.
He said the only reason Florida had stopped barring non-residents from being licensed to sell surplus lines products to Florida residents and requiring them to pay a resident agent a mandated countersignature fee was because The Council had filed a lawsuit and was granted summary judgment.
The survey identified the following areas as needing consideration and review: sign-up requirements; clarity about what is meant by making the standing order available to all staff; annual review of each standing order by the issuer; timeframe for countersignature of administered/supplied treatment; current inability to supply/administer restricted and pharmacy-only medicines under standing orders; and the annual review of competency.
The myth was further built into the constitution, with the president required to receive the countersignature of the premier and the concerned ministers when promulgating laws and issuing mandates.