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The inscription of one's name at the end of a writing, done by a secretary or a subordinate, to attest to the fact that such a writing has been signed by a principal or a superior, thereby vouching for the genuineness of the signature. To write one's name at the end of a document—in addition to the inscription of a name by another—to attest to the authenticity of the signature.


verb certify, confirm, corroborate, execute, ratify, sanction, second, support
See also: attest, certify, confirm, corroborate, cosign, indorse, trademark, underwrite, witness


to sign (a document already signed by another).

COUNTERSIGN. To countersign is to sign on the opposite side of an instrument already signed by some other person or officer, in order to secure its character of a genuine paper; as a bank note is signed by the president and countersigned by the cashier.

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Kovacheva's stance regarding the countersignatures was enjoys the support of former Constitutional Court judge Todor Todorov, former Justice Minister Miglena Tacheva, Maya Manolova from the Bulgarian Socialist Party (BSP) and Lyutvi Mestan from the ethnic Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) party.
The analysis included a review of arrangements where customer signatures were obtained late as well as where the customer signature was timely but Computer Associates' countersignature was obtained late.
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