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Asked to comment on Abella's statement, Abigail Valte, spokesperson of Aquino, said there was no need to issue a counterstatement 'because we do not feel alluded to.
In terms of media usage, the "evolution" of the analyzed tweets and images demonstrates how a hashtag that originated as a counterstatement against Netanyahu is used to tag a counterstatement against Iran and against the original message of the hashtag.
Just when we need a counterstatement, one comes along, a confession from essayist Max Beerbohm's "A Relic":
Backlash to the statement and the event, however, was noteworthy at The Catholic University of America, where several members of the faculty produced a counterstatement to the Wijngaards report and hosted a press conference, which was live-streamed on the Catholic University Facebook page, at the exact time of the U.
However, I argue that if we apply Michael Warner's theory of counterpublics to public discourse on religion and the environment, we can see that significant cultural work has taken place as a result of "A Call to Action" and the Cornwall Alliance's counterstatement to it.
Central to his argument, therefore, is societal reflexivity over the criminal justice process: penal practices are shaped by the to and fro of statement and counterstatement between center and Bakhtinian periphery about the appropriate treatment of offenders.
Political backlash: The nones are a counterstatement against the rise of the religious right, especially in the U.
The fictional King's counterstatement to linear time at Calvary AME also speaks back to the "curse of canonization" to which Johnson refers in his nonfiction writings.
When he observes of his traje that "no lo ha lavado mi lavandera," he then adds an enigmatic statement that is not quite a counterstatement, but a juxtaposition that confounds what he just said, "lo lavaba en sus venas otilianas, en el chorro de su corazon.
Reads Fitzgerald's recently published vignette as a counterstatement to the themes of loneliness and alienation found in EH's "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.
For an exemplary demonstration of the interplay between distinct generic and modal signals in a literary work, see Russell Valentino, "A Wolf in Arkadia: Generic Fields, Generic Counterstatement, and the Resources of the Pastoral in Fathers and Sons," Russian Review 55.