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Political backlash: The nones are a counterstatement against the rise of the religious right, especially in the U.
Reads Fitzgerald's recently published vignette as a counterstatement to the themes of loneliness and alienation found in EH's "A Clean, Well-Lighted Place.
That response does not free the prisoner from the penalty, but it releases him from the contrived and dishonest language of the judicial proceeding and from the conventional rhetoric of nationalist counterstatement.
One would think there is no counterstatement to be made to this acknowledgement of the importance of mind and of the man who taught us how to think--but Emerson finds at least a small one: "It remains to say that the defect of Plato in power, is only that which results inevitably from his quality.
And if I say, "Wait, wait, I want to respond to that joke with a rational counterstatement challenging its underlying suppositions," then I'm a drag and everyone laughing will resent having to stop playing.
The Statement was read by Argentina and a Counterstatement, signed by fifty-nine states, was read by the Syrian Arab Republic.
The crisis demanded a response from the church--a counterstatement affirming what the church always held to be true.
Each rich achievement in Dowell's fictional oeuvre serves as a counterstatement to his earlier, doomed attempt at a theatrical career.
Matthiessen's showing that "[n]o more challenging counterstatement to Emerson's self-reliance has yet been written" than Moby-Dick's account of the price paid by Ahab for acting out the life of"[t]he single individual, a law only to himself.
immediately with an apologetic counterstatement ("and am also, I would hope, to a degree not").