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Because of the nonescalatory nature of truly limited warfare, a nation initiating a limited war needs the "power of isolation" to defend itself against an unlimited counterstroke.
14) Meanwhile, General MacArthur and his staff had been planning a counterstroke.
Addis remembers that it was a bit of a counterstroke to begin a review devoted solely to Irish books (moving away from the hub, which was London).
But, in a counterstroke of complete idiocy, the mouse is used only to move the camera, not Indy.
To its students, Zion Mission seemed to be a welcome counterstroke against European "ecclesiastical imperialism.
It was a counterstroke to misfortune, hard luck, and lousy times to come, suggestive of canniness, scepticism, and outrigh t disbelief.
In particular, his grasp of ideas such as depth and timing was crucial to his counterstroke, but his knowledge of other operational areas also warrants attention.
Many an hour of hilarity is really a long game of conkers and there is a strange pleasure for the experienced in observing the punctilio of stroke and counterstroke.
In a counterstroke, General Douglas MacArthur landed an amphibious force at Inchon, halfway up the Korean peninsula, threatening the North Korean lines of communication.
Elements of these problems arguably existed, but they offer little understanding of how UNC operations fell into disarray on the eve of the Chinese counterstroke and why miscalculation turned to calamity.
While contemplating a variety of counterstrokes, including litigation, the four hospitals, which will likely be joined by others, have begun by recalculating their past tax payments.
By applying the incorrect standard and requiring intent where IHL requires none, the Goldstone Report identifies no violation of Article 58; rather, it merely states that it could not "obtain any direct evidence that [rockets were launched from urban areas] with the specific intent of shielding the rocket launchers from counterstrokes by the Israeli armed forces.