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Furthermore, our countersuit challenges the validity of the patent itself," comments Dale Pelletier, President and CEO of TeleMatrix.
The Countersuit seeks dismissal of Puck's suit, compensatory damages and reimbursement of attorneys fees and related relief.
To protect our patented technology, we filed a countersuit against Authentec to stop its infringement of our patent.
The defamation and federal unfair competition countersuit cites specific instances in which Diamond Triumph Auto Glass issued communications that contained defamatory and inflammatory statements.
Radko's countersuit claims that when he "wrote a letter to Blackstreet's managing partner complaining of the incompetent management at Rauch and multi-million dollar losses suffered by the Christopher Radko Division, Chairman Aldus Chapin began retaliating against Radko, culminating in Radko being placed on administrative leave in April 2007.
Shikes said the monetary amount sought by Echeverria and her relatives in the countersuit has not yet been determined.
NEW YORK -- The Associated Press filed an answer and countersuit in the U.
London, Mar 23 (ANI): 'Poker Face' singer Lady Gaga has filed a countersuit against her former mentor, producer Rob Fusari, claiming in it that he took advantage of her naivety as a wannabe pop star.
com filed a countersuit on Tuesday against business rival eBay Inc, alleging eBay used its minority stake in Craigslist to steal its corporate trade secrets.
This countersuit will show the court that Blue Shield's bullying and bluffing have one motive -- to generate more profit for this supposedly non-profit insurance company, at the expense of Alvarado Hospital and its patients.
delaying a countersuit against the pioneer in digital video-recording technology.
The prince filed a countersuit against Hun Sen in December, accusing him of inciting murder.