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The issue of probable cause is the major stumbling block to a successful countersuit.
Lawsuits and countersuits almost always result in CPAs spending far more in attorney fees and in lost billable time than is warranted for the fees owed to them.
Tanya Andersen, a 42-year-old disabled single mother, has filed a countersuit in Oregon alleging that the industry's practices violate, among other laws, the state's Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act.
Snoop Dogg's publicist Meredith O'Sullivan said the rapper simultaneously dropped a countersuit.
May 2 The American Civil Liberties Union files a countersuit in the case of Lisa Johnston, whose application to be a foster parent was denied on the sole grounds that she is a lesbian.
The EU has a countersuit, claiming Boeing receives unfair financial incentives itself.
In the countersuit, attorneys for Lipton and Hill point out that before the combination, Labatt and Beck's were already wholly-owned subsidiaries of InBev, so it was not a merger, but merely a reorganization.
07m countersuit, Minnelli accuses Gest of manipulation, stealing her concert money and trying to fire her staff.
A spokesperson warned on Monday (21 March) that the EU would file a countersuit if the United States files a complaint with the WTO.
Kevin Ryan Behrendt, Dole's lead attorney in the countersuit, told me in a telephone interview that he couldn't comment on any aspect of the case.
According to the arbitral award both the suit filed by Buildsoft and the countersuit by Tekla had been dismissed.
Wilkinson filed a countersuit against Gillette's adverts claiming its razors to be 'the best a man can get.