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One sees the strongest countertendency to this union in those Islamic countries, such as Iran, with the most westernized ruling classes.
The countertendency toward a more liberal aviation system emerged in the late 1930s; this change emerged, not from any reawakening of principle but from the realization that even imperial communications required transit points through other countries.
55) The literary trend to the very contrary was, then, like the flip side of public consciousness--a latent countertendency at odds with familial values fairly entrenched in Europe's social instincts and attitudes, and outwardly flourishing as never before.
However, in the face of the tendency toward privatization, there is an important countertendency toward the defense of public institutions.
On the one hand, there is a countertendency to protect the poetic texts, as it were, from Heidegger's elucidations, to show that he does philological violence to the integrity of these texts or makes them say something quite different from what they mean to say.