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responded to the Park Service's counterthrust by making its
To add insult to injury, the wicked bounce also enabled the Dragons to launch a scoring counterthrust.
What is most telling is that in many cases, the stakes in these supposedly political arguments are so low, the texts under review so obscure, that each feint, thrust, and counterthrust cannot possibly interest anyone but the well-versed amateur at best, the professional scholar at worst.
That would ensure plenty of managerial cut and counterthrust, with Ancelotti on record as being dismissive and angry about Mourinho's constant self-promotion and lack of respect for his peers.
Historically overshadowed by Sydney and Melbourne Queensland's architects are now fermenting a pragmatic counterthrust that responds to a very particular climate and context.
In the face of continued metaphorical Removal, the motion of hope and renewal lies in a counterthrust back home, back East.
White Over Black argued that new ideologies of race were invented to defend against egalitarianism and revolution: "The thrust of antislavery was apt to generate a counterthrust of biological inequality.
The two novelists might be thought of as giving birth to Baldwin, but in this blur, Baldwin imagines "knives and burning; the thrust, the counterthrust," of cutting and castration.
It was all thrust and counterthrust but the beast threatened to eclipse the beauty as passions ran higher.
And Wall Street has responded the same way, though much more quickly with an aggressive counterthrust to the legal system's incursion into familiar turf.
These groups serve a vital function," says Robert Alan Goldberg, a University of Utah history professor and author of Enemies Within, a study of conspiracy theories in America, "but somebody has to sound the fire bell when they pour gasoline on the fire and get into thrust and counterthrust with other groups.