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The most recent decision on March 11 undercuts the US' ability to use countervailing duties to offset Chinese subsidies, and the committee "calls on the U.S.
The Panel concludes that: (a) in respect of China's claims concerning the DOC's determinations of financial contributions in the countervailing duty investigations at issue, that:
The US had argued this steel was bought at below market rates and hence it was right to protect American producers with countervailing and anti-dumping duties.
Specifically, some authors include in buyer power the notion of bargaining power or countervailing power.
Currently, there is an 8.7% countervailing duty on Canadian lumber imports and anti-dumping duties averaging about 2.1%.
Mexico imposed countervailing duties of 3.93% and 10.18% in June 2002, claiming that the US was selling long-grain rice in Mexico at a cheaper price than on its own domestic market.
companies who support petitions for anti-dumping and/or countervailing duty investigations against foreign competitors to receive the duties collected as a result of the anti-dumping and/or countervailing duty orders.
But employees can--and the amount of information that they will bring into the table will serve as a countervailing force against management.
Current duties total 27 percent an Canadian lumber shipments into the United States (19 percent countervailing and 8 percent anti-dumping duties).
has or recalculated countervailing duties will be legal under NAFFA.
The dust-up has led to opponents of the countervailing tariff praising a piece of federal tax-incentive legislation introduced by California Congressmen Howard Berman and David Dreier, chief of the House Rules Committee.
industry and therefore countervailing and antidumping duties currently in place should be maintained, according to the U.S.