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Hence, Turkey does not have an established system to counterweigh the strong powers the president will hold.
By examining the documents, they can evaluate for themselves whether or not a particular piece of evidence (such as in the creation of a modern democratic republic) is significant enough to counterweigh evidence that might suggest an alternative conclusion (such as the fact that most slaves did not share in this newfound freedom).
Specifically, the initiative is intended to (1) initiate a structural strengthening of area studies; (2) develop content as well as methodological and theoretical approaches to regional studies; (3) develop new forms of cooperation between area studies and the "systematic" disciplines such as economics, social sciences, law, history, natural sciences, and engineering in order to counterweigh the role hitherto played by history and philology in producing knowledge on world regions; (4) increase the visibility of those interdisciplinary "loci of expertise" in Germany which draw upon innovative concepts (BMBF 2008).
India has only one consulate in Kandy and the opening of consulates in Jaffna and Hambantotta is an attempt to reach out and spread its sphere of influence to counterweigh China, according to analysts.
This substantially shortened the general training time for pilots, a measure meant to counterweigh the losses of Luftwaffe pilots which increased monthly.
The degree to which the two biases counterweigh is unclear; however, box counts are clearly adequate to identify significant changes in yearly mortality rates (Ford et al.
Disputes between groups can put the state as such in question because the state does not have legitimacy on its own to justify its existence and thus has no basis through which it could counterweigh, bridge, or mediate conflicts.
This collection may complement, or counterweigh, political argumentation scholarship, which tends to neglect issues of institutional capacity and questions of framework and which, therefore, probably seems as unbalanced to political scientists as this volume does to me.
Robert Marquand, Central Asians Group to Counterweigh US, in CHRISTIAN SCI.
Scrap yard operators started purchasing used excavators, replacing components and adding key aftermarket components such as purpose-built material handler fronts, counterweigh t boxes to increase the weight of the counterweight, cab risers, and hydraulic and belt driven gen sets to complete the package.
The anticipated social benefits were well known to the Sinhalese government, however, as it carefully weighed at least the known costs and benefits of the scheme: "The colonization aspect of the Accelerated Mahaweli Programme can be seen as a direct appeal to the Sinhalese majority that would counterweigh accusations of leniency toward separatists arising from compromises with Tamils in language, education, employment, and local autonomy.
The evidence for Shakespeare's authorship of a substantial part of More is not strong enough to counterweigh the prior probabilities against.