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that the advantages of one criterion can be counterweighed by the drawbacks of another criterion.
Through this infrastructure-based connectivity mammoth framework, China can also counterweigh the Indo-Japanese based Asia-Africa Growth Corridor.
Typical points of interest when testing a material include: ultimate tensile strength (UTS) or peak stress; counterweigh yield strength (CYS) which represents a point just beyond the beginning of permanent deformation; and the rupture (R) or fracture point where the specimen
What is above worth has dignity; there is nothing that would counterweigh it.
North Korea developed its juche ideology to justify the ideal of independence with its essential component of an independent stand or spirit of self-reliance devised to counterweigh US-American influence and thus juche's spirit of self-reliance as the opposite of servile subjection is the essence of juchesung (see, e.g., Hong).
The controller depends on less information of system model and can observe inner and outer disturbances in real-time to counterweigh them, so it has potential to be applied to a whole vehicle model with a group of four independent controllers base on ESOs in the future research.
Current economic trends and annual forecasts for the euro area suggest that New Hampshire exporters should intensify their marketing efforts to other parts of the word to counterweigh the euro area's double-dip recession.
The question is whether Turkey has got an infrastructure to counterweigh the presidential system.
Through the use of a primary document reader or additional documents made available through a medium such as Blackboard, students also are challenged to check the given claims of selected historians by first asking: "What do the primary documents suggest about the extent to which the American Revolution marked a radical shift in American history?" By examining the documents, they can evaluate for themselves whether or not a particular piece of evidence (such as in the creation of a modern democratic republic) is significant enough to counterweigh evidence that might suggest an alternative conclusion (such as the fact that most slaves did not share in this newfound freedom).
Specifically, the initiative is intended to (1) initiate a structural strengthening of area studies; (2) develop content as well as methodological and theoretical approaches to regional studies; (3) develop new forms of cooperation between area studies and the "systematic" disciplines such as economics, social sciences, law, history, natural sciences, and engineering in order to counterweigh the role hitherto played by history and philology in producing knowledge on world regions; (4) increase the visibility of those interdisciplinary "loci of expertise" in Germany which draw upon innovative concepts (BMBF 2008).
India has only one consulate in Kandy and the opening of consulates in Jaffna and Hambantotta is an attempt to reach out and spread its sphere of influence to counterweigh China, according to analysts.
This substantially shortened the general training time for pilots, a measure meant to counterweigh the losses of Luftwaffe pilots which increased monthly.