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The working principle of the trebuchet is similar to that of the pole-sling, where the human muscle has been replaced by the heft of a counterweight or (in case of older machines) a rope-pulling crew.
I wasn't going to spend time and effort on searching for these items until I knew for sure that the most serious problem (the bent counterweight arm) could be fixed.
To replace men swinging on a lever, a counterweight basket has been used, loaded with stones of no more than 50 lb each until the counterweight totals 10 cwt.
If, and that is a big if, we are capable of self-government, then the underlying morality of society would act as a counterweight to bombing aspiring factories in the Sudan or cities in Japan.
They have become the counterweight to the oil and gas industry claims that there is no link between greenhouse gases and climate change," say Christopher Flavin of the Worldwatch Institute.
Two of Ali's chapters link the Gulf crisis to the geostrategic environments in which Iraq was an integral player, including: the Iraq-Iran sphere, Arab-Turkish relations, and the Arab-Israel conflict, especially Iraq's widely-perceived role as the primary strategic counterweight to Israel in the Middle East.
They are the single best counterweight to domination of our limited broadcasting bands by huge corporate entities.
PBS's Duggan, who likens the elimination of federal funds to "assisted suicide," tells us that public broadcasting is a counterweight against "steadily coarsening, ever more tawdry popular culture.
IDR 'B', Negative Outlook) and DaimlerChrysler AG (IDR 'BBB+', Stable Outlook) all continue to lose market share, and Michigan lacks the counterweight that foreign automakers provide in neighboring states.
The company needed this kind of capacity, but since space is very limited on the job site, it would not be able to use a counterweight wagon or any auxiliary attachments," he added.
Contract notice: Supply and installation of lifting and counterweight ropes on the large locks of the wesel datteln channel.