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When the Victory was renovated as part of the New 42nd Street project, the hemp system was replaced with a counterweight fly system.
As shown in two figures, the modes of concrete beams under two counterweights were consistent.
Because you can image past the meridian, and pre-flip the mount, the counterweight shaft can be positioned higher than the scope itself.
Its reduced, best-in-class gross vehicle weight enables a wider range of flexibility in carrying counterweight, cribbing and other items, which will help lifters optimise the crane for a variety of applications, the statement said.
While both theaters have what can be called modern counterweight rigging systems, many of the technologies of Cincinnati have been relegated to history, while Detroit's technologies and methods have endured.
In the mid-80s, Kuehnel switched the company's focus from agricultural counterweights to industrial and material handling weights, and it has remained in that market sector since.
With the clip in place, take a counterweight from the kit and fix it in place on the centerline of the fan blade, directly in line with the clip.
The good news is the counterweights I do have are used with almost all phono cartridges.
The system uses two rings with counterweights mounted around a shaft.
The company's engineers created a special mold to allow the cores of the counterweights to move inward.
In a Winter 2000 cover story, Earth Island Journal revealed that many of the world's older jumbo jets carry large amounts of radioactive depleted uranium (DU) in the form of small, heavy counterweights hidden inside wingtips, tails and elevators.
The two individual counterweights are mounted onto a sled, which is mechanically linked to the back of the boom.