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PENNY. The name of an English coin of the value of one-twelfth part of a shilling. While the United States were colonies, each adopted a monetary system composed of pounds, shillings, and pence. The penny varied in value in the different colonies.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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But Hughes is not counting the pennies just yet and warned of a backlash from a hurting Chippenham side.
COUNTING the pennies. Apparently we are finally coming out of recession.
This Christmas, when we could be counting the pennies as recession takes a grip, packages based on these markets are great value - as leading bus and coach operators such as National Express aim for a slice of the action.
Overall, the Ibiza is a capable little hatch that would seem a lot better value were we not all counting the pennies so carefully these days.
COUNTING THE PENNIES: Household incomes are being squeezed
Along with returning to work, counting the pennies and going on a diet - grey January, for most, is just when English football starts to take it's predictable route.
Preparations are in full swing for another tough season for the Dragons, who have been left counting the pennies following the departure of backer Tony Brown.
But customers with AITO firms - more likely to be owners of their own business, or in the professional or creative job sectors - aren't usually counting the pennies.
Anne Lennox, widowed in the last Gulf War, shows that the paltry payouts can lead to years of counting the pennies just to get by.
The 23-year-old, from Selly Oak, said the changes would increase his disposable income and make the years of counting the pennies as a student seem worthwhile.