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Even if I was counting the pennies, I'd still buy myself too many bunches of flowers.
But figures also suggest people were counting the pennies.
He said: "People in the financial sector are sometimes accused of being preoccupied with counting the pennies which is why our new slogan is 'more than just bean counters'.
We are still counting the pennies, but we are on target to reach our pounds 30,000, thanks to everyone who was involved.
Channel 4 look guilty of toying with our emotions by replaying footage of the waves crashing in, then counting the pennies as our emotion-fuelled texts beefed up their coffers.
The average Lead customer is obviously counting the pennies and is prepared to organise his or her own insurance (Group 2) and CBT if applicable.
Nearly two thirds admitted going over budget, or not bothering about counting the pennies, on vacation.
Hopefully, Distin will be counting the pennies he has made at Man City so getting goals will be no problem.
A former postman and Hull MP, he knows from experience all about counting the pennies and stretching a wage to last a week.
Now organisers have finished counting the pennies and say they are delighted with the proceeds of the tree which totalled pounds 3,796.
But he was already counting the pennies, spurning a chauffeur-driven limousine and walking to London's Waterloo Station where he bought a pounds 9.
The Parkhead club have to qualify to reach the Champions League next season and now are counting the pennies - and the cost of losing out on the SPL title.