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Relatively localized examples like these could be multiplied countlessly, but inadvertent, functional entrenchment also operates on a broader scale.
Where shovels are concerned, the company pointed out that the sequence of digging at the high-wall, slewing with a full bucket and loading trucks can cause visibility to be impaired because of huge blind spots and dust, while the major hazard for operators of wheel loaders and dozers is the lack of visibility while reversing--a maneuver that is repeated countlessly during each shift.
Multiple sources claim that Liam Hemsworth has tried countlessly to call off the engagement with Cyrus only to be ignored.
He also said that he and others had tried countlessly to support President Bashar Al-Assad, but to no avail.
According to the New Testament, the only calculation forgiving allows is that one should forgive seven times a day, and seventy times seven, that is to say, innumerably, countlessly, incalculably.
The countlessly operating erosion is proper to the bottom transient sediments and banks of each river, especially at elevated discharges.