country house

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The station for the country house was at the opposite end of the town, the time was short, the road not easy; but she was so quick in pouncing on a disengaged coach, so quick in darting out of it, producing her money, seizing her ticket, and diving into the train, that she was borne along the arches spanning the land of coal-pits past and present, as if she had been caught up in a cloud and whirled away.
At last, having all the wealth that heart can desire, I will buy a beautiful country house, with horses and slaves, and then I will lead a merry life and entertain my friends.
At some old gable-roofed country houses you will see brass whales hung by the tail for knockers to the road-side door.
He was at once removed, under your auspices, and died a few days later, at one of your uncle's country houses, before he could make any statement.
He is found sometimes, speechless but quite at home, at corners of dinner-tables in great country houses and near doors of drawing-rooms, concerning which the fashionable intelligence is eloquent, where everybody knows him and where half the Peerage stops to say "How do you do, Mr.
I was shown into a morning-room exactly like other morning-rooms in country houses.
I am used to roughing it under all sorts of conditions - much more used to roughing it than I am to staying at country houses.
Additionally, the small group will explore many of the nation's finest gardens and participate in authentic afternoon teas while staying at elegant hotels such as Stapleford Park, frequently voted one of the top country house hotels in England.
Contract notice: Concierge services and night surveillance in a country house and 1 country house 2, 6020 innsbruck.
The Hotel Collection is offering a number of country house stays fit for any lord or lady.
LUXURIOUS VENUE The Bron Eifion Country House Hotel is the perfect setting for your big day.
The ambience of this place is a relaxing country house and nowhere was this more in evident than our room.