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COUNTRY. By country is meant the state of which one is a member.
     2. Every man's country is in general the state in which he happens to have been born, though there are some exceptions. See Domicil; Inhabitant. But a man has the natural right to expatriate himself, i. e. to abandon his country, or his right of citizenship acquired by means of naturalization in any country in which he may have taken up his residence. See Allegiance; Citizen; Expatriation. in another sense, country is the same as pais. (q.v.)

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According to Pecknold, a primary goal of the volume is to "examine how the genre's whiteness was produced and is maintained, to imagine country music not merely as a cultural reflection of a preexisting racial identity but as one of the processes by which race is constituted" (2).
a In addition to country music being a popular outlet among Texaco customers and especially strong in our core markets of the Southeast, the passion and loyalty of the country music community was something we wanted to harness,a said Jennie Hageney, EVP Entertainment & Sports Partnerships, MEC Access.
For Cusic, the idea of individual triumph over socially constraining circumstances is at the heart of the connection between baseball and country music and is what marks them as American in character, and the celebrities of both are representatives that embody this achievement for fans and enthusiasts.
While the group initially issued an apology to the president, country music radio and fans were not willing to forgive.
In Where Dead Voices Gather, he turns to the forgotten roots of country music.
Now, 16 years after Pride's last hit, one of the hottest rising stars in country music today is a black man named Trini Triggs.
Second, the impact of country music far transcends just its considerable listening audience: Country-music soundtracks and country stars are now found in many films and TV shows, along with boasting a growing international audience, a claim that cannot be made by hip-hop.
A viral, captivating platform across social networks to connect fans and expose new country music.
Scott Lindy, who heads Sirius Satellite Radio's country music operations on Nashville's Music Row, doesn't see the genre disappearing, but the way it's presented needs to change.
Singing Cowboys and Musical Mountaineers" is a very enlightening read regarding the roots of Country music and provides the definitive explanation and history of the connection between Country music [southern folk music] and cowboy hats.
Fans with only the expanded basic level of service will need to contact Time Warner Cable to upgrade to digital in order to continue viewing GAC, the country music network that actually plays music.
Other memorable moments promise to include duets featuring Brad Paisley and Alison Krauss; Jackson and Patty Loveless; and Willie Nelson and Faith Hill during Kris Kristofferson's Country Music Hall of Fame induction.