country of origin

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I definitely want to see country of origin on food labels.
The law prohibits the Secretary (of Agriculture) from establishing a mandatory identification system to verify the country of origin of a covered commodity," Hawks said.
GeoLocator uses IP address information from Quova Inc to identify a customer's country of origin.
The rule would mandate retailers to identify the country of origin of vegetables, in addition to the current requirement to specify the name of the vegetables and their volume.
At long last we will have clarity on labelling and be able to stop the many misleading claims on country of origin, especially in supermarkets.
2 Market Share of Sparkling Wine by Country of Origin, 2006-16
country of origin labeling rules for meat that were recently declared illegal by the World Trade Organization.
FARMING groups have welcomed a European Parliament move which will brings compulsory country of origin labelling for a range of fresh produce a step closer.
The argument, that because processed foods may be sourced from different countries according to season it is unreasonable to state country of origin no longer holds water.
Ocean Mist Farms created the PLU sticker to proactively comply with country of origin labeling laws that go into effect this year.

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