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RURAL. That which relates to the country, as rural servitudes. See Urban.

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And each lad walked with his sweetheart--trust a child of seven to listen and to know the love- affairs of his countryside.
All the inconceivable filth a child running at large in a primitive countryside may hear men utter was mine; and though I had never dared utter such oaths, they now poured from me, at the top of my lungs, as I cursed my father sitting there underground and gambling with long-haired, long-nailed Chinamen.
To his eyes all seemed beautiful, but to me a tinge of melancholy lay upon the countryside, which bore so clearly the mark of the waning year.
He neither rode nor shot, but spent his days in wandering round the old village with his pipe in his mouth, or in driving with his host, or in his absence with his hostess, over the beautiful countryside.
Our friend the Sheriff of Nottingham hath proclaimed a shooting match, and hath sent messengers to tell of it through all the countryside, and the prize is to be a bright golden arrow.
Meanwhile, the proud Sheriff little knew that he harbored the two chief outlaws of the whole countryside beneath his roof.
The Children's Countryside Day is organised by the Glendale Agricultural Society, in Northumberland, to teach hundreds of children from Northumberland and North Tyneside about how the farming sector works.
THE Countryside Alliance is marking its 20th anniversary by asking supporters for their photographs and anecdotes from the groundbreaking Hyde Park Rally.
It comes as a campaign urging owners to keep their pets on leads in the Denbighshire countryside was launched.
Lattakia, SANA -- The Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center monitoring the cessation of hostilities agreement in Syria announced that over the past 24 hours, terrorist groups breached the agreement 7 new times, 6 of which took place in Damascus province and the other one was observed in Lattakia countryside.
com)-- Countryside Amish Furniture is pleased to announce that their long-awaited design center is now open.
TEHRAN (FNA)- Police sources in Damascus countryside announced that 320 gunmen from Bassima town in the countryside of the capital turned themselves in to the authorities.