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The fixture is immersed in a liquid couplant, generally water, mixed with a rust inhibitor.
Mere has been no exact method of calculating the amount of couplant needed, except for published data covering the case of pure silica treated with silane.
After extensive preliminary testing of various couplants, a gel couplant was used.
The probes operated continuously at 200[degrees]C without ultrasonic couplant and cooling.
Relative attenuation of the ultrasonic signal through the thickness (center web) was measured using 500 kHz transducers and a high-temperature couplant as the specimen cooled from 121[degrees]C to room temperature.
A thin layer of transducer couplant was applied to the tip of the delay line and aluminum platen surface prior to assembly of the test cell which was determined to be filled when contact with the aluminum was observed ultrasonically.
Unlike UT and eddy current testing, MIB "sees" through fly ash and other wall build-up and so requires no pre-cleaning of the water wall, such as sandblasting; it also requires no couplant.
The ultrasonic tools are designed to inspect dry, partially full or full pipes with a couplant supplied through the tool's umbilical, while navigating vertically and horizontally within the pipe.
Coupling to smooth surfaces is relatively easy, requiring only a small amount of liquid couplant and slight finger pressure.
A viscous ultrasonic couplant was used between the UT and the mold in order to facilitate the transmission of ultrasonic energy in the mold wall.
Tenders are invited for Supply of Optical Couplant Q2-3067
Features: 1) no couplant required, 2) easy to install and uninstall transducer ring, 3) minimal cleaning required.