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While noting that Russia is in no way unique in the sense that motherhood, far more than marriage or heterosexual coupledom, has historically been the essential marker of womanhood, Stella's informants re-confirmed earlier findings by Laurie Essig and Anna Rotkirch that heterosexual marriage played a key role in the lives of older lesbians who had experienced same-sex sexual relations and desire during the Soviet period.
Partial contents: "Learning to Love Again: 'Broken Families,' Citizenship and the State Promotion of Coupledom," by Eleanor Wilkinson; "Straight-Gay Friendships: Relational Masculinities and Equalities Landscapes in Sydney, Australia," by Andrew Gorman-Murray; "Kissing Is Not a Universal Right: Sexuality, Law and the Scales of Citizenship," by Phil Hubbard; "Ottawa's Le/The Village: Creating a Gaybourhood Amidst the 'Death of the Village,"' by Nathaniel M.
Teenage song-writing duo Bobby and Laura have only half made it in showbiz, Norman and Sue have settled down to non-marital bliss - and a baby, while Ray and Donna remain the picture of cosy coupledom.
An only child, Chast felt very much the outsider to her parents' soul-mate coupledom.
Talking of coupledom, at this time of year, and with the cold grey weather, many of us will be starting to think about this year's summer holiday destination.
Whether they're gay or straight, I don't think it matters; I think this affects everyone's sexuality--and everyone's sense of who they are with love and romance and coupledom.
But technology interferes and threatens to destroy their blissful coupledom.
The basic character of the family is changing from institutional to coupledom.
Yes, when it comes to the aesthetics of marital coupledom, to paraphrase that old saying, I'm punching several stones below my weight.
Their coupledom seemed complete with a cute snap at the Grammy awards in February, after exchanging intimate Twitter photos and messages for months.
According to Bromley, the definition of intimacy often taken for granted today began to be codified in the early modern period, ultimately becoming the foundation for modern views of intimacy as inextricably linked to coupledom and heterosexual monogamy in particular.
Rekindle coupledom if you can and the rest will follow.