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Offers 180 gross hp parallel lift linkages and integral quick couplers to handle a wide range of material handling tasks
Additional benefits of the sutureless vascular coupler technology described in the allowed patent include:
Supporters of quick-attach systems say that time and labor seem to be equally important issues for scrap processors who turn to a quick coupler.
Thus, the continued effort will have the dual goal of investigating the effects of higher pressure and the comparative performance of the fixed cavity coupler.
We are extremely pleased to receive FDA marketing clearance for the Flow Coupler - a milestone achievement for Synovis," said Richard W.
AVX Corporation (NYSE: AVX), a leading manufacturer of advanced passive components, has developed an integrated thin film, high directivity coupler that provides a directivity of 20-27 dB and an ultra tight O0.
The technology developed by NASA and obtained by UAI, employs a unique spring-loaded mechanism that automatically secures a ball hitch upon insertion into a coupler, as in the use of trailer hitches.
For several decades the standard coupler design on a towable trailer has basically remained the same.
New Extreme Service Quick Coupler features Attachments International's patented geometrically balanced design that allows buckets to follow their designed geometric curve for maximum efficiency.
Kevin Kading, sole officer and director of both KDNG & UAI, stated, "The QCB coupler is another example of a better device with the potential to penetrate multi-billion dollar global markets with a myriad of possible commercial applications at competitive pricing.