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VectorCAST/Coupling provides developers with automated solutions for data coupling and control coupling analysis for DO-178.
Figure 1 shows the coupling routing diagram of a 4th-order elliptic-response bandpass filter with cross coupling between resonators 1 and 4.
25 NATURE, she and her team describe how they shone a coupling laser on a cloud of ultracold sodium atoms, causing pulses from another laser to slow and then stop.
The machined set-screw coupling, essentially a cylinder with a key-way and set screws, was fine in theory but had a few drawbacks:
A coupling structure with a stripline beneath a microstripline with an aperture in their common ground plane is considered for the analysis.
The Reli-a-flex coupling was designed with transmission error as the prime performance measure.
In the majority of cases, a roller chain coupling can be selected on the basis of shaft diameter capacity, provided that the prime mover is an electric motor and that the application is a uniform load.
In development and life testing over the past three years, the coupling has a unique radial slotted pattern (patent pending) developed to fill a market need for a single piece flexible coupling that could challenge if not exceed the overall performance of bellows coupling (equivalent size) in most performance characteristics.
The design of a flexible coupling must balance the need for bendability and the demands of horsepower, torque, size, speed, and ease of use and maintenance.