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Dispense with all the moral courage you can," I said briskly.
I know,--I can see it--you have, among other ways, been used to managing people with your eyes, letting your moral courage speak out through them, as it were.
And this sort of universal saving power of true opinion in conformity with law about real and false dangers I call and maintain to be courage, unless you disagree.
But I agree, he replied; for I suppose that you mean to exclude mere uninstructed courage, such as that of a wild beast or of a slave-- this, in your opinion, is not the courage which the law ordains, and ought to have another name.
Then I may infer courage to be such as you describe?
I shall really be very unhappy unless you give me the sort of courage that makes one forget he is afraid.
Very well, I will give you that sort of courage tomorrow," replied Oz.
The immeasurable devotion which he laid at her feet, in the days that were yet to come--the unyielding courage which cheerfully accepted the sacrifice of himself when events demanded it at a later period of his life--struck root in him now.
The girl is doing what is best and most becoming in her position--and is doing it with a patience and courage wonderful to see.
Your worship's great courage has been fully manifested already; no brave champion, so it strikes me, is bound to do more than challenge his enemy and wait for him on the field; if his adversary does not come, on him lies the disgrace, and he who waits for him carries off the crown of victory.
The enchanters may be able to rob me of good fortune, but of fortitude and courage they cannot.
Viscount, your countenance, your goodness and your courage incline me toward you; my gratitude is already due.