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It is from this faith in ourselves and our mission that the courage to live out this mission comes, the courage that made Rizal do his work that culminated in Bagumbayan and the courage that led Bonifacio to found the Katipunan and lead the armed resistance that, again, culminated in his death in the mountains of Maragondon.
Those interested in joining the Beads of Courage #GivingTuesday initiative can visit www.
And most lawyers not only lack the Courage of Lions, they also lack another kind of courage, maybe equally important, but subtler and softer.
Seen with this lens, the Springfield Renaissance School is a place where students work on courage all the time.
That is a succinct definition of courage one parent passed on to his child.
The defense would logically be that the individuals involved were assessed for moral courage as part of pre-employment practices, and that without any other "red flags" the organization had no way to foretell behavior.
Kennedy wrote that courage is evident when senators, for example, cast aside concerns relating to risks to their careers, the unpopularity of their actions, and defamation of their characters in honor of a principle that they think is right.
On the one hand, courage might be seen as a matter of 'fixing the will', or as Lady Macbeth puts it, 'screw(ing) your courage to the sticking place' (48).
The Medtronic National Courage Award, presented annually by Courage Center, recognizes an individual's outstanding contributions to the health, welfare, and rehabilitation of people with disabilities.
Identifying lack of moral courage (as well as moral motivation) as a key factor in contributing to this gap between knowing and doing, Comer (management, Hofstra U.
A Higher Purpose: Profiles in Presidential Courage.
THE Prime Minister has paid tribute to a Birmingham war hero in a book he has written on the subject of extraordinary courage.