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Yes, monsieur le cardinal, and that is why I venture to call the idea courageous as well as devoted.
If then we adhere to our original notion and bear in mind that our guardians, setting aside every other business, are to dedicate themselves wholly to the maintenance of freedom in the State, making this their craft, and engaging in no work which does not bear on this end, they ought not to practise or imitate anything else; if they imitate at all, they should imitate from youth upward only those characters which are suitable to their profession-- the courageous, temperate, holy, free, and the like; but they should not depict or be skilful at imitating any kind of illiberality or baseness, lest from imitation they should come to be what they imitate.
Passepartout explained to her how it was that the honest and courageous Fogg was arrested as a robber.
For she was a Carlist, and of Basque blood at that, with something of a lioness in the expression of her courageous face (especially when she let her hair down), and with the volatile little soul of a sparrow dressed in fine Parisian feathers, which had the trick of coming off disconcertingly at unexpected moments.
Gryphus came forth trembling behind the courageous Rosa.
I have no one near me, gentle yet courageous, possessed of a cultivated as well as of a capacious mind, whose tastes are like my own, to approve or amend my plans.
Lennie was a very strong, sporting, knowledgable, courageous lady who will be greatly missed.
In his special announcement Afridi, while appreciating the courageous effort and sheer commitment and dedication of Daren Sammy both as leader and player, announced the donation.
The girls were decorated as the 'Oyo Courageous Girls 2018,' at a twin-event of the book launch and award presentation held in Ibadan, the state capital recently.
According to Anderson and Adams, courageous authenticity is one of the major contributors to the credibility of a leader.
Giarratano (contributor); A COURAGEOUS FOOL; Vanderbilt University Press (Nonfiction: Biography) 29.
In his first public comments since he was injured in Saturday night's atrocity, the British Transport Police officer played down his courageous actions and offered an apology to the victims' families.