courageous deeds

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The Civilian Defence Gallantry Awards records, 1940-1949, have been digitised for the first time, detailing the courageous deeds of men, women and children on the Home Front.
In addition, we acknowledge that there are countless patriots who have engaged in military efforts throughout the decades that we would like to document and highlight for their courageous deeds in establishing and defending our country.
The ratio of good, decent, courageous deeds each officer accomplishes daily to officers' inappropriate actions is a thousand to one - I know firsthand, because I've been there.
But there is also an invitation to learn lessons from history and to know that in the end there is victory for those who persevere, those who may have been forgotten but whose courageous deeds lived to create better lives for future generations.
There are thousands of US and UK soldiers who fulfil all manner of noble and courageous deeds and never utter a word.
This exhibition will continue till 14th September, 2014 and this artistic pursuit about the courageous deeds of Pakistan Air Force will add to the inspiration of the younger generation and will surely be cherished by the people of Karachi.
Deputy wrapped up on saying that she will always work culturally for Lebanon's stability and prosperity, gaining wisdom from what comes through the courageous deeds of our brave Palestinian people in face of the Zionist entity.
IF EVER there was a case of a dark past catching up with aman and besmirching his courageous deeds, it was the intriguing case of Eric Hamilton-Piercy.
COURAGEOUS deeds of police and civilians were acclaimed at a ceremony attended by the top brass from West Midlands Police.
The author's interest in his topic is obvious as he describes the lives and courageous deeds of those unsung heroes who aided more than 100,000 slaves to escape in the years before the Civil War.
To me, a soldier should perform the courageous deeds and deserve the right to hold those honors that are awarded.
ACA proudly salutes the courageous deeds and spirited efforts of all correctional employees as they confront the enormous challenges facing correctional systems throughout America and in other nations.