courageous deeds

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Museum director Richard Gough said: "This is a bold step by the museum - re-launching means we can truly represent all soldiers of Shropshire, sharing their courageous deeds throughout the last three hundred years and those of more recent times.
Senator Sherwin Gatchalian also paid tribute to the nation's heroes 'whose courageous deeds made it possible for our country to attain its freedom.'
He received the highest French medal - the Legion of Honour - for his courageous deeds in 2016.
The Medalya ng Kadakilaan (Posthumous) was bestowed to Dapyawen "for his acts of heroism in the performance of duty" while Monjardin received the Medalya ng Sugatang Magiting "for his courageous deeds."
Last week, two servicemen of the Armed Forces, having committed courageous deeds, helped to detain violators of the law.
But his courageous deeds so caught the public imagination that his pleading words were lost.
anything that gives examples of great heroes who lived a life of profound truths and courageous deeds that help the human mind and life to grow, mature and evolve.
The Civilian Defence Gallantry Awards records, 1940-1949, have been digitised for the first time, detailing the courageous deeds of men, women and children on the Home Front.
The ratio of good, decent, courageous deeds each officer accomplishes daily to officers' inappropriate actions is a thousand to one - I know firsthand, because I've been there.
In a poem entitled "Reserved," he says he tried to sit in one of the vacant seats of hope, but the word "reserved" was squatting there, so he did not sit, and no one did, and he ends the poem saying, "The seats of hope are always reserved." But there is also an invitation to learn lessons from history and to know that in the end there is victory for those who persevere, those who may have been forgotten but whose courageous deeds lived to create better lives for future generations.
But there are thousands of US and UK soldiers who fulfil all manner of noble and courageous deeds and never utter a word.
This exhibition will continue till 14th September, 2014 and this artistic pursuit about the courageous deeds of Pakistan Air Force will add to the inspiration of the younger generation and will surely be cherished by the people of Karachi.